If I Were With You

It would be parks and picnics all the way.

A doctor I know spent Christmas lunch
with his wife
on Ogmore beach.

It was one of our milder winters.
They just wrapped up warm,
took a packed lunch
and a bottle of something
and enjoyed each other’s company.

You don’t have to wait for things to happen
sometimes, you just make them happen.
Destiny is just a cop-out.
It’s always easier
to blame someone else.

I’m in my lounge again
alone, if it wasn’t for the cat.

Is this how goldfish feel?
Light and warmth coming through the glass,
furniture, my rocks
interesting for a three-second memory span,
swimming back and forth
between the lounge, bedroom
bathroom and kitchen.

Perhaps it’s time I took my own advice.
Make it happen.
Do something.
Break the cycle.
Find you.


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